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Friday, 27 June 2014

Been a long time...

So much has happened...BG's last day at school. House sold ( in theory) ..again....Target house still available! Phew!
Painting..a bit. Gardening...mowing. Writing..a play. Chickens..0. Cats..2. Boyfriends..0. Hurrah!

Friday, 15 November 2013


I know the critics are raving about it..and I was looking forward to seeing it...but 'Gravity' is the biggest load of mawkish, manipulative tosh I've seen in a long while. Hopelessly miscast. Sandra Bullock pants like a porn star and George Clooney puts more effort into his Nespresso ads. It should have starred UNKNOWNS, then, maybe, we'd have cared/identified. Furthermore, if an indie film maker had made it, the script would have been tighter, bleaker and altogether more 'real'. Dire. Avoid.
'Nebraska' and 'Gloria' looked a much better bet.

Thursday, 31 October 2013

Words and muzak

Why, oh why is it deemed necessary to run an inane muzak backing tracks to all documentary commentary or. in fact, pretty much any television presenter's words?
Even the excellent Michael Moseley's BBC2 series have to have mind-janglingly crass accompaniments to his fascinating words. It does NOT improve the TV experience. It does NOT enhance understanding. It does my head in ...not to mention my ears.
Do we all converse to a soundtrack? NO!
Maybe that will be next, though.....we'll have to switch on 'appropriate( ie crap) muzak to play as we communicate ideas, news, jokes and opinions to our fellow man. God help us.

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

New obsession

Reading 'Match the Hatch'.
Learning to tie nail and blood knots.
Got an 8' 6" 5/6. Got it?

Yup. Got hooked on fly fishing!

Thursday, 5 September 2013

No longer
Fabulous, plastic no maintenance double studio, portable (!) so tax deductible, lighting in and out, sockets, fuse board, insulated, double glazed, drains etc
 External dimensions 7320mm x 3660 and internal 6710x3050, partitioned. The supplier can quote for dismantling, moving and re-erecting. Probably around £2000 but an intelligent builder could do it.
It cost £14k  OIRO of £7k which will not include moving etc...but that’s a whole workable easy space for under £10k! Bargain!
WHY image is upside down, I have no idea...probably because taken with an uncooperative ipad!

01297 551142

Thursday, 15 August 2013

David Bowie IS (was) at the V&A live link-up

Saw the V&A Bowie link up on Tuesday night.A few things really struck me.....1)How very, very , very sad it is to get old. I just gazed at Ziggy and thought how much we allow that spirit of unfettered, un-institionalised youth to get away from us as we become subsumed into mainstream life. 2) What a fantastic body of work he has created! Message: get out there and get making ART! NOW! 3) Why, oh why did he change his wonderful, quirky, vampiry teeth? I was so upset at the time when he emerged from some well- meaning cosmetic orthodontist and I got upset all over was a mistake, David!
Try to get to this, if you can....